B40 Handheld/Inline Printer - Waterbased Only

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Double Head Large Character 2 Inch 50mm Handheld Printer Can Be Used For Outdoor Wood QR Code Graphics

  •  B40
  •  50mm
  •  1-20 Lines
  •  Yes
The Bentsai B40 dual head portable handheld inkjet printer is designed with double print heads (double cartridges), allowing for a maximum print height of 2inches or 50mm. This printer is perfect for printing large characters, logos, QR codes, wooden HT marks, and outer cases. Its portability makes it suitable for coding and marking both indoor and outdoor large and immovable objects. The Bentsai B40 handheld coding printer is compatible with Bentsai water-based cartridges for ink-absorbing materials like wood, fiberboard, and carton boxes. It also works with solvent-based cartridges for non-ink absorbing materials such as glass, metal foil, plastic, and concrete items. Moreover, the Bentsai B40 portable inkjet printer can be easily integrated into production conveyor systems for automated continuous coding, thanks to the included photoelectric sensor.

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